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Continuum dock – Microsoft’s Lumia 950 is the new flagship Windows phone


As part of its reveal of the new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL, Microsoft has announced the Display Dock, a hardware adapter that lets you use your phone like a desktop Windows PC with keyboard, mice, and a large display. Originally known as the Continuum dock, the new hardware has three USB ports, including USB Type-C, and both HDMI and DisplayPort. You can also plug in a USB drive.

So how does Continuum look? A lot like Windows 10 PC, in fact, but the taskbar is slightly tweaked and there’s a signal bar at the top along with battery and time information. Microsoft showed off the Windows Hello beta run from a new Lumia — that is to say, it’s not the full PC experience, but it’s PC-esque and runs universal Windows 10 apps