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Change file Dependencies Limit in Master Page – the limit has exceeded.

If you  are getting following error:

The page ‘/_catalogs/masterpage/mymasterpage.master’ allows a limit of 11 direct dependencies, and the limit has exceeded.

You have 10 DirectFileDependencies on web.config, so you need change this value.

<SafeMode MaxControls=”200″ CallStack=”false” DirectFileDependencies=”10″ TotalFileDependencies=”50″ AllowPageLevelTrace=”false”>


<SafeMode MaxControls=”200″ CallStack=”false” DirectFileDependencies=”20” TotalFileDependencies=”50″ AllowPageLevelTrace=”false”>

MaxControls: This attribute limits the no of controls on the page. Default value 200.
DirectFileDependencies: This attribute limits the no of user controls added in master pages. Default value 10.
TotalFileDependencies: This attribute limits the no of controls added on the page (including Master page and page layout). Default value 50.

Actually doing changes in these value is not the best practice, but solved this issues!!!