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Office 365 – Delve Analytics


It’s an interesting application that is included in the Office E5 plan launched on December 1. Delve Analytics is also available as an add-on for the E1 and E3 plans for $4/month per user. It’s an attempt to bring big data analysis to the world of the office to understand how people interact with each other and use tools such as email.

Another description often trotted out positions Delve Analytics as the equivalent of “Fitbit for the office” because like a health tracker, you gain if you pay attention to what to what you learn. I guess “Microsoft Band 2 for the office” does not trip off the tongue quite so smoothly. Let’s discuss what Microsoft has done in Delve Analytics to gather and analyze data gathered from the activities of Office 365 users.

Take back your time with Delve Analytics 1


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Vision for Microsoft BI Reporting – SQL Server 2016

Microsoft BI

SQL Server 2016 it is a significant milestone for Microsoft BI professionals.


SharePoint 2016 – Project Template for Visual Studio Available

Microsoft Office Developers Tools for Visual Studio 2015 includes the templates for developing SharePoint farm and sandboxed solutions for SharePoint 2016.


Before you install,  you need to have Visual Studio 2015 Installed




The New Microsoft Surface Book

Surface Book is the first of its kind. This innovative and stunningly crafted laptop is a creative powerhouse, designed to adapt to the way you work – with touch, a Pen, or a mouse.