Internet Explorer 11 – Compatibility Fixes for SharePoint 2013

IE11 and SharePoint 2013, doesn’t work correctly!! there are many issues could happen…for example:

  • Edit Page doesn’t place the page in Edit mode (especially on custom page layouts)
  • If you do happen to use a built-in page layout, any webparts added are unable to be customized
  • The calendar view doesn’t look right
  • The calendar overlay button on the calendar view is disabled

I’ve wondered why Microsoft failed to include IE11 browser support even after SharePoint 2013 SP1…

Many of the issues you could solve including the following tag on your new masterpage and setting it IE10 Compatibility View from the X-UA-Compatible tag.


<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=10" />


<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE10" />

The difference between “IE=10″ and “IE=EmulateIE10″ is that IE=10 only changes the user agent to appear as IE 10, whereas IE=EmulateIE10 fully emulates the IE 10 browser including IE 10′s DOM/Javascript API (Compatibility View).

Applying this change allows IE 11 to work perfectly without having to manually put the site in Compatibility View per user.

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  1. I see this is fairly old article now but wanted to comment I had no luck making change to EmulateIE10. It still behaved just like original IE10 tag, which does not mimic actually putting site in Compat Mode. I did not clear browsing cache after making change, maybe that is why it didn’t work. I used navigator.userAgent in console to see the agent string, actually placing in Compat Mode creates a different string (no .NET references) than either IE10 or EmulateIE10. But stuff just doesn’t work unless placed in Compat Mode. I’m upgrading to SP1 soon, we’ll see if makes difference. Besides the edit mode problems, I’m having issue with Views to Doc Lib on a page not showing content. All you see is Title you assign to web part with Appearance, the area with links to docs is missing. This was site migrated from WSS 3.0, I suspect this is root cause of this error. But even building new web part Views has same problem.

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